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Say Goodbye To Acne Scars & Dark Spots


First off, let’s talk about Acne Scars. Regardless of how severe a pimple is, or whether you pick at your skin, if there’s any chance of an abnormal collagen production during the skin healing process from a pimple, acne scarring may happen. The monthly menstrual cycle does not help either, so the frustration of how-do-I-quit-this-acne-scar-curse is quite understandable.

Dark Spots, on the other hand, refers to discolouration, brown patches, and pigmentation changes due to sun damages, hormonal changes that cause an abnormal and high concentration of melanin production in the skin. The first rule to not amplify the dark spots problem is to never go under the sun without proper sunscreen. Remember that dark spots will become darker when you expose it under the sun.

Our skin cells regenerate every 28 days, and when the regeneration happens, it will slowly and naturally fade the discolouration on the skin. But the process will take forever. Before the previous discolouration is solved, new dark spots may have already appeared.


Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum’s advanced Nanotechnology can penetrate deeper in order to provide better results. Enriched with Omega White-C to help brighten skin from deep within. Its unique LumiLite™ Complex will be able to work faster and deeper to stop melanin production and to lighten flaws in 2 weeks.

A test was also conducted with 278 Malaysian women back in October 2019. 9/10 of them agreed that this serum has helped to visibly lighten dark spots and acne scars in 2 weeks, and they have noticed a brighter and more even skin tone after using Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum. More than 90% of the women claimed that they are happy with the results and feel more confident with their skin. Additionally, almost 80% of them considered switching from their current serum brand to this.

Remember that results will take time, and you SHOULD be using sun protection diligently because areas of the skin that receive more sun exposure are more likely to get darker and to develop dark spots faster. Treatment without prevention doesn’t show good results. Please also remember to fight recurring acne scars problems with serums that has been tested and proven to show great results. Use Nanowhite Dark Spot Corrective Serum to bid farewell to acne scars and dark spots, and use Nanowhite Omega Day Shield SPF50 PA++ to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays.