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Have You Figured Out Which Cleanser Is Best For You?


Regular skin cleansing is important to maintaining healthy, radiant-looking skin, and it’s recommended to do so every morning and night. The benefits of regular cleansing are:

  • Removes oil, dirt, impurities, dead skin cells, and other build-ups
  • Maintains proper pore size
  • Boosts skin hydration and maintain proper sebum production
  • Improves the absorptions of other skincare products

Oily skin refers to skin that produces excessive sebum. To fight oily skin, many have suggested regular cleansing to remove oil in order to reduce the frequency and severity of breakouts. However, removing excess sebum does not mean you should be cleansing your face more than twice daily. Over-cleansing may strip moisture away from the skin and cause your skin to produce even more oil.

Hence it is important to first know your skin type and then find the right cleanser for your skin.


“What’s your skin type?”
We’ve probably all heard this question at some point when purchasing skincare products. There are five skin types: dry, oily, combination, normal, and sensitive skin. So, how do you determine which one of these five does your skin fall under?

Step 1: Cleanse

Use a cleanser and gently rub your face for 30-45 seconds in a circular motion before rinsing it off.

Step 2: Wait

Gently dab off the excess water with a dry towel and here’s the important part: DO NOT use a moisturiser, toner, or anything at all on your face. Relax for 1 hour indoors (you should also not go outside as the sunlight will damage your skin).

Step 3: Examine

After the hour is up, go over to a mirror and to closely examine your skin.
PS: Ensure your hands are washed and clean before touching your face!

Additionally, while checking for the above features, take a good look at your pores.
The size of your pores can help you determine your skin type as well. The bigger the pores, the more oil your skin will produce; the smaller the pores, the drier your skin will be.

PS: If you used the above method and determined that you have sensitive skin, you should practice testing out new products via a patch test before application to avoid any skin irritation or allergic reaction.

How to perform a patch test?

  1. Apply the product to a small area behind your ear or inside your arm.
  2. Monitor for 24 hours.
  3. If no irritation or reaction occurs then the product is safe to use; if any sensitive reaction occurs, discontinue said product immediately.


Foam cleansers are one of the most commonly-found cleansers in the market. Foam cleansers create a foamy lather. It gives you a deep-cleansing effect by removing excess oil and sebum, dirt, build-ups, and makeup residues.

If you are a foam-lover, go for Nanowhite Fresh Foam Cleanser. This gentle foam cleanser is enriched with Tea Tree Oil which has anti-bacterial properties to reduce acne, Vitamin C to brighten dull and uneven skin tone, and Sea Algae to bust nasty zits. It is best for oily skin and those who lead a more active lifestyle.


Gel cleansers can provide the same ability as a foam cleanser, but it has a totally different characteristic than the Foam Cleanser. It is in a thicker gel-form texture and may or may not lather up during cleansing. It is considered to be gentler and more hydrating than the Foam Cleanser. You may use a lesser amount of Gel Cleanser than Foam Cleanser when you cleanse your face.

For those eyeing on Nanowhite Fresh Gel Cleanser, other than its Vitamin C and Tea Tree Oil benefits, you will love this cleanser for its environmentally-friendly microbeads that can deeply remove impurities from skin too. It is specially formulated to remove excess oil without over-drying the skin, leaving the skin feeling clean and fresh which gives you a more radiant complexion. Hence it is suitable for all skin types even for oily skin.


For those who are looking for deeper cleansing ability, you may consider charcoal cleansers. Charcoal cleansers usually contain detoxifying ingredients like charcoal to thoroughly eliminate all impurities. It is great for removing impurities that are clogging your pores, leaving your skin feeling smoother, fresher, and ready for better absorption of other skincare products like serums or moisturisers.

For those with oily skin, look no further, just go for Nanowhite Fresh Charcoal Cleanser. Keep acne and blemishes at bay with this everyday essential. It contains Sea Algae to hydrate and soften the skin, Tea Tree Oil to regulate sebum secretion and reduces pimples with its anti-bacterial properties, and reduces acne and pore blemishes.


For those with sensitive or dry skin or those who are looking for a gentler option, milk cleansers will be a good choice. This type of cleanser usually has less suds and gives a creamy texture to mildly cleanse your skin.

Nanowhite Fresh Milk Cleanser is a good option for those who want an effective cleansing without stripping away natural oils and moisture from the skin. It is gentle to the skin and also comes in a smooth creamy texture to gently remove oil, dirt, and light makeup. It helps to maintain the skin’s pH balance and is suitable for all skin types even for sensitive skin.

For those who have tried out the Nanowhite Fresh Cleanser series, do let us know your feedback and share your experience with others. We are happy to hear from you!